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PHD-130 Camera

The new PHD-130 ultra low light camera and OEM module. Developed for the security and surveillance market, the PHD-130 will improve situation awareness in low light scenarios day or night. Utilising a new 2/3” high definition detector, the PHD-130 camera can resolve smaller targets, longer distance surveillance or improved image clarity in low light conditions.


Price on application.

Product Description

At the core of the PHD-130 is a 2/3” CMOS HD 1288×1032 detector developed by Pacific Corporation in Japan to offer ultra high sensitive images. Using high speed multi-sampling algorithms, the PHD-130 can achieve ultra low light imaging where normal cameras become ineffective.


  • 2/3”HD Special CMOS Embedded Imager
  • High Resolution 1288×1032 Detector
  • Newly-developed integral “Special Optical Filter”
  • Special display mode
  • Improved imagery telephoto/long distance surveillance
  • Low power consumption
  • External trigger for IR illuminator available
  • Special shutter Control available
  • Stable colour during daytime
  • Broadcast lenses available
  • Coupled Motion
  • Auto Colour Suppress
  • New Co-Developed 2/3”Telephoto Zoom lens
  • Better SNR than EMCCD camera
  • No cooling System
  • No Export License
  • Complimentary system for thermal imaging


Imaging and optical data:-

PHD-130 Spec


Not available at this moment